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    Beginner Golf Mistakes to Avoid

    Last updated 12 months ago

    The first few times on the golf course can be difficult, especially if you are a complete novice to the game. If you are aware of common mistakes that beginners make, you have a better chance of avoiding them. Use this guide to start off your golf journey on the high end of the beginner spectrum:

    Aiming for the Sky
    In other sports, athletes aim the ball high if they want it to travel far and use this instinct when swinging a golf club. Although it might be effective in other sports, it is not the best way to do it in the game of golf. The downswing of the club is what really makes the ball far so think about it like you are hitting the ball toward the ground instead of toward the sky.

    Not Shifting Weight
    To get the most power behind your swing, it is important to shift your weight from the back leg to the front as you follow through. Your weight should move along with the ball. After you have hit it, hold your pose and make sure all of your weight is resting on your front leg.

    Hunching Over the Ball
    Posture is extremely important in golf and many beginners make mistakes when standing with the club. You should stand with your knees bent slightly and lean your upper body over the ball. Be careful to lean and not hunch, though, or you limit the power of your swing. Gently stretch your arms out in front without overextending them and stand with your feed shoulder width apart.

    Whether you want to take lessons or just get out on the course, Chevy Chase Country Club is here for you. As one of the most preferred golf courses in all of Wheeling, Illinois, we give you the ideal destination at which to improve your game. For more information on our courses or winter hours, visit our website or call (847) 465-2304.  

    Holiday Ales

    Last updated 12 months ago

    The Holidays are more happy when you mix in a little ale along the way! We got to sample a few Holiday beers over Thanksgiving. You should be able to pick these up at your local liquor store on your way to a holiday gathering. So, grab a six-pack, read this blog, and enjoy some HOLIDAY CHEER!

    Old Jubilation Winter Ale
    Avery Brewing Company - Boulder, Colorado

    "HO HO WHOA" reads the bottle, in regards to it's 8.3% ABV. This English Old Ale has a mahogany hue, hints of hazelnuts, mocha and toffee. No spies just a perfect blend of five specialty malts.

    Limited Release - White Christmas 
    Samuel Adams - Boston, Mass

    This is a beer anyone will be able to enjoy with a smooth beautiful taste. Has hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel. 5.8% ABV.

    Bell's Christmas Ale
    Bell's Brewery Inc - Kalamazoo, Michigan

    This Christmas Ale contains no spices. Uses all locally grown Michigan malts with a blend of hops from Michigan an the Pacific Northwest. It has a smooth even taste that will complement any holiday menu, not overshadow them. 5.5% ABV

    Celebration Ale
    Sierra Nevada - Chico, California 

    This very 'hoppy' IPA is made with the first fall harvest of hops. It has an intense citrus and pine aroma. Featuring Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. Your really have to like 'hoppy' beers to enjoy this bold flavor. 6.8% ABV

    Shiner Holiday Cheer
    Spoetzl Brewery - Shinner, Texa
    Texas is known for a lot of things, but beer is usually not at the top of the list. So we had to walk to the far corner of the liquor store to find the Shiner Holiday Cheer. Definitely the most 'interesting' taste of all the beers listed here. You will certainly pass it around the room and say, "Try this!". Why? Peaches!  It has hints of Texas peaches and pecans. A certain try this December. 5.4% ABV


    How to Make Your Golf Lessons More Productive

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Improve your time on the golf course by taking advantage of your golf lessons. If you put effort into making the most of every lesson, you will quickly notice improvements in your game. Keep reading some tips to help you optimize your lessons:

    Get There Early
    Instead of arriving right on time for your lesson, try to get to the course a little early. This way, you have plenty of time to warm up and really get in the zone before you start to work with your instructor. You want to be loose and warm and ready to swing instead of tight and unable to play at your best.

    Don’t Tell the Instructor what He or She Already Knows
    It is not helpful to you or the instructor if you start your lesson by dissecting what is wrong with your swing. Instead, take a few swings and let the instructor examine the issues for his or herself. You should, however, talk about issues that you notice during your time on the course. If you focus the conversation on what happens to the ball after you swing, the instructor has a better chance of getting to the root of the problem and offering constructive criticism to help you improve it.

    Listen to What the Instructor Says
    One of the most important elements of successful golf lessons is your ability to listen. If you stop talking and genuinely soak in everything that the instructor is saying, you will be more likely to pick up some useful tips and expand your own knowledge and technique for the sport.

    Come to Chevy Chase Country Club to take golf lessons that actually help you improve your game. Our championship 18-hole course has everything you need to become the best player you can be. For more information on our course or golf lessons in Wheeling, visit our website or call (847) 465-2304.

    Breakfast With Santa

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Chevy Chase Country Club and the Wheeling Park District present Breakfast with Santa in the Historic Grand Ballroom. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet while carolers entertain you and your family.

    All children meet, and have a photo taken with Santa. Holiday games get everyone into the spirit of the season. Make this joyous event a part of your family's holiday tradition.

    Only $30 per person - Children 4 and younger $10
    Register by December 6 by calling the Community Recreation Center at 847-465-3333.

    Reasons Why Beginning Golfers Should Take Lessons

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Like any other sport, golf is a game that requires plenty of practice. If you want to become the best golfer that you can be, you should take lessons to improve your practice sessions. Keep reading to learn more:

    Spending time one-on-one with an instructor is a great way to learn the foundations of the sport and find out what you are doing wrong. With gentle constructive criticism, you can easily overcome your shortfalls and get better at the game. Working with an instructor helps you grasp the best understanding of the game and of your skills so that you can immerse yourself in golf.

    At Chevy Chase Country Club, golf is our business. We offer a stunning 18-hole course and lessons with qualified instructors to help you fall in love with the sport. For more information on our lessons or tee times, check out our website or call (847) 465-2304.

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