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    Exercise Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Spending plenty of time on the golf course is a great way to improve your overall game. There are even ways to enhance the way you play when you are off the course. Use this guide t know what exercises are best to gain the strength you need to be a better golfer:

    Dumbbell Shot Put
    A lot of people forget about their lower body when they’re training for golf, but it is an important area on which to focus. A dumbbell shot put helps you strengthen this area, which drastically improves a downswing. This exercise also helps you focus on balance and control. By working these muscles, you can also improve your range of motion.

    Cable Rotations
    Work more on your body rotation with cable rotations. Practicing this movement strengthens the core muscles and encourages the shoulders and arms to become more comfortable moving in conjunction. This also helps you keep the proper width with your swing.

    One-Legged Knee to Elbow
    This exercise is a great way to work a variety of muscle groups and strengthen them to work cohesively. Any plank movements are great for the core, which is always a smart idea for golf conditioning. This movement also enhances your shoulders and hips and can alleviate lower back pain.

    One-Legged Supine Hips Extension
    With this exercise, you can turn your hamstrings into the powerhouse muscles you need them to be to really put some zest in your swing. This movement also forces your butt and abs to work together, which makes your body and your game even stronger.

    Come to Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling to take some time to practice your swing and continue to improve your entire golf game. With 125 acres of luscious greens, it is easy to get in a game whenever you want. For more information on our courses, visit our website or call (847) 465-2304.  

    Ballroom Dancing This Wednesday Night

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Dust off your hat and shine your shoes! Ballroom Dancing returns this coming Wednesday, September 18. The Historic Grand Ballroom at Chevy Chase Country Club features a 6,000 square foot original 1920’s hardwood dance floor, the perfect space for doing your favorite dance.

    Learn a new dance every month with Bob & Penny Urbon of Ballroom Chicago from 7:00-7:30. They will get you started with the basics of the dance. This month learn the Mambo/Salsa

    This month’s featured orchestra is the Steve Cooper Orchestra. They will kick things off with open dancing at 7:30.

    Just $13 per person. Cash bar available.

    Click here for a full 2013 dance calendar

    Beginner Tips for Golfers

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Golf is a fun and social sport. If you are new to the sport of golf, a little bit of practice and guidance can go a long way. Use the following tips on the golf course to quickly improve your game:

    The most important part of your golf game is your equipment. Using equipment that that really fits you will drastically improve your entire game. Golf lessons are also a great way to jump right into the sport. Just like with any other sport, practicing is the only way to build onto your skills and continue to get better at the game.

    Come to Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling to immerse yourself in the world of golf. Our Traditions golf course has 18 holes of championship golf to help you become the kind of golfer that you want to be. For more information on our services, visit us online or call (847) 465-2304.  

    Holiday Party Planning Made Simple [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 10 months ago

    What better way is there to ring in the holiday season than with a great party? If you’re thinking that party planning is the last thing you need to take on during that already hectic season, think again. A memorable holiday get-together doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is tasty food, fun entertainment, and a venue dedicated to helping you pull the whole thing off. Chevy Chase Country Club put together this infographic to show you how simple a holiday party can be. Our country club and event center is the ideal place for small and large parties, and our planning staff is always available to help you with the details. Please consider sharing this helpful party planning advice with your family and friends. 

    Etiquette Rules for Planning Your Company Event

    Last updated 10 months ago

    A company event is a chance for employees to mingle with coworkers and make a good impression on supervisors outside of work. To make the most of your company event, make sure to choose the right event center. By planning a company event outside of the office, you give colleagues a chance to relax and get to know each other outside of work. As you plan, consider the following guidelines:

    Invite the Right People
    You should have a clear idea of whom you are inviting and how many people are on your guest list before you start planning anything else. Decide if colleagues should bring their significant others, and consider if this is an event appropriate for children. Be sure to be inclusive in your invitations so that nobody feels left out—do not allow one person to bring a guest, but tell another it is an employee-only event.

    Include the Details on the Invitation
    Make sure everyone feels confident and comfortable at the event by providing pertinent details on your invitations. Outline the dress code, start time, and the theme if you are having one. You should also include any special details of the event, including if prompt arrival is necessary or a gift exchange will take place.

    Ask for RSVPs
    It is perfectly acceptable to ask for an RSVP in advance of the event date. In fact, this is often preferable so that you can provide the event center and the caterer with the right number of guests. Offer guests at least two different ways to RSVP, such as phone, email, or online, to ensure everyone can respond in a timely manner.

    Plan the perfect company event by hosting it here at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling. We offer the perfect atmosphere for any event, from customer appreciation soirees to company holiday parties. Start planning now for the holidays by calling us today at (847) 465-2304.

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