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    Wedding Color Combos for 2014

    Last updated 2 months ago

    When you plan a wedding, every detail counts toward the overall feel of the event. Create a beautiful and memorable color scheme for your wedding to bring together your entire décor and fill the wedding venue with pieces of your personality. Keep reading for a glimpse at some popular color combinations for 2014:

    If you want bright and bold shades for your wedding, you might want to combine canary yellow, teal, fuchsia, and marigold for an eye-catching décor that adds to the happiness of the day. Keep things simpler with and understated color scheme of dusty blue, gold, soft peach, and moss. Add some elegance to your day by combining navy blue, dark pink, bubblegum pink, and grey.

    No matter what colors you choose for your wedding, Chevy Chase Country Club has the wedding reception venue that you need to throw your dream celebration. With our stunning views and full-service banquet hall, we make it easy to plan an unforgettable wedding. For more information on our wedding services or our event center, visit us online or call (224) 900-2036.

    Planning a Memorable Banquet for Your Small Business

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Planning a corporate event for your small business gives you a chance to show the community what your company can do. If you are in charge of organizing the details for this year’s banquet, use the following tips to make it a memorable celebration for everyone:

    Find Your Focus
    Before you plan any details, you have to decide for whom you want to throw the event. Choose your audience so you can create a focus for the banquet that makes it easier to put together all of the details of the banquet. Once you have your focus, it will be much easier to plan the rest of the gathering.

    Choose the Perfect Venue
    The banquet hall where you throw the event will directly affect its success. You should choose a venue that offers a selection of delicious food that helps you put together a memorable meal for your guests. The venue should also have beautiful views and an attentive staff that can help you bring all of the details of the event together with minimal stress.

    Spread the Word
    As soon as you know when you will hold the event and where you plan to hold it, you can start informing your guest list about the details of the banquet.  Whether you want to send out invitations or a company-wide memo, it is important to spread the word about the banquet as soon as possible so people can start making plans to attend. Be sure to list all of the important details so your guests know exactly when they need to arrive.

    At Chevy Chase Country Club, we want you to have a banquet hall that caters to your every need. Since 1927, we have worked with a staff that is dedicated to ensuring that each guest feels completely welcome at our event center. We will do everything we can to help you plan a memorable banquet for your small business. To learn more about our services or our availability, visit us online or call (224) 900-2036.

    Best Flowers for a Summer Wedding

    Last updated 3 months ago

    When you are choosing flowers for your wedding reception venue, it is important to think about temperature and weather to ensure that you find flowers that can survive throughout the duration of your ceremony and reception.

    You should work with your florist to figure out what kinds of flowers will do the best at your particular wedding venue. Think about summer colors that can help you bring together your ideal décor. Check out this video for more floral tips.

    Chevy Chase Country Club is one of the best wedding venues in Wheeling because we combine stunning views with a staff that is here to meet your every need. To learn more about our event center or our golf course, visit us online or call (224) 900-2036.

    Exploring the Fitness Benefits of Golf

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Spending a lot of time on the golf course can actually benefit your health. Whether you are already an avid player or need a reason to get started, the fitness benefits of this sport are good for your overall wellbeing. Keep reading to find out how golf can keep you in shape while providing hours of entertainment:

    A Game of Golf Includes Plenty of Walking
    Walking is actually one of the best exercises for your body. It is low impact, but it gets your heart pumping and keeps the muscle strong. It tones your lower body and your core muscles and helps prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and dementia. A normal stroll around a golf course gets you walking about 5 miles, which is a great way to stay active.

    Golf Burns Calories and Glucose
    If you carry your clubs and walk around the course, you could burn about 2,000 calories in just one game. If you ride in the cart, you can still knock 1,300 calories off of your daily caloric intake. Researchers have also found that a young person’s blood glucose levels drop by 20 percent just from playing one game of golf. A middle-aged person sees a 10 percent drop and elderly players see a 30 percent drop.

    Golf Helps You Get Balanced
    One of the biggest health benefits of playing golf is the improved balance it brings. The more you golf, the stronger your core muscles. This improves your balance on the golf course and in your daily life. Good balance is especially important as the body ages because it can prevent falls that could lead to serious injury.

    Chevy Chase Country Club offers one of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Wheeling, Illinois. No matter your skill level, our beautiful course can cater to your golfing needs. We also serve as a top local wedding venue and event center. Visit us online or call (224) 900-2036 to learn more about our tee times and social events.

    Tips for Designing Your Bridal Bouquet

    Last updated 4 months ago

    The bouquet is often the finishing touch for your bridal look. The flowers in the bouquet usually stick to the color scheme for the wedding to bring together the entire décor. Use the following tips to choose a bridal bouquet that helps you create your dream wedding:

    Bouquets are available in a variety of types to help you complement the other decorative choices you made for your wedding venue. From cascade to arm sheaf, you should spend some time with the florist deciding on the type of bouquet you want. Figure out if you want to use only one kind of flower or a variety of species. Lastly, choose colors that help you enhance your wedding décor.

    When it comes to wedding venues in Wheeling, there is none quite like Chevy Chase Country Club. We have both outdoor and indoor event spaces to accommodate your every need. Whether you are planning your dream wedding or looking for a top golf course in the area, we can help. To learn more, visit us online or call (224) 900-2036.

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